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48" question

I am looking at the 48's   I am feeling confident this is the best size for me.  I think I would like slide out racks.  Are slide out racks an option.  does anyone have pro and cons for slide out racks.


I purchased 48 I think slide out rack a standard.  I love it. Also I would go with delux model, the warmer is worth the extra cost. Have fun.
Eddie Z

I have the 48 patio deluxe with slide out rack. It's become standard. I dont sww a draw back to it. I don't use the warmer box much. I would opt for the wagon axle insteaf of the casters if you plan on moving in around in grassy areas.

well  hmm  the web site shows with solid bottom rack and removable top that stands on 4 legs.  I am leaning to the d with the warmer.    what is the wagon axle you mentioned

I have the removable shelf, but would much prefer the slide out top rack. But since I bought it used I didn't have a choice. But 90% of the cooking I do doesn't even require the top shelf anyway, so I guess it's ok, but the slide out does allow for more cooking area than the removable upper rack. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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