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48" Patio or Original??

Hello, new here but a long time want'er of a Lang.  I have been smoking meats for the past 10+ years and am currently using a couple of Weber WSM's.  I have found that I want to take the next step and get a pro-grade smoker.  The purist in me is all about the stick burners so here I am.

I wanted to get some input on if I should go the patio model or the original model for my use.  I cook just about every weekend and sometimes find myself cooking for up to 100 people (work parties).  The portability of the original model is very appealing but since it is a trailer and I have no space for it to sit at my house other then the garage when not in use, would the patio be the better option?

I hate these kinds of decisions....I just want everything!
Eddie Z

Ask yourself how often do you plan on moving it around? Do you have a trailer to move the patio model when you do need to move it? How important is the garage space that the smoker will be taking up? I like my patio model but would have liked the trailer option if and when I do move it. Hope this helps make your decision. Either way you'll be happy with your cooks!!!

Thank you very much for your response!  Honestly, I would can only see moving around 2-4 times a year since everyone flocks to our place for the BBQ anyways.

I do intend on getting into some comps and things later but I want to spend a year or so with a stick burner to get the art down.  My hesitance comes from how heavy the patio version would be to move onto a flatbed trailer if I were to move it.
Eddie Z

It weighs in the area of 700+lbs I believe so you would need a trailer to support it. Plus you need a vehicle that can tow it.

Towing won't be a problem, F150 and a flatbed toy hauler trailer.  I just meant physically rolling it up the ramp haha!  700lbs is a LOT!
Eddie Z

It rolls easy on a flat surface. The casters aren't good for pushing it around in the grass though

I called and got the same response.  It won't be leaving my house while I am here but when it is delivered it will have to go across grass to get to my patio area (same for when we move).  I have no idea why the previous owner didn't pour a connection to the patio.

I pray it won't tear of the lawn.
Wood River BBQ Team

There is little grass in Tucson -- most homes (like mine) have gravel in the front and back.  I solve the problem of the front casters digging in by using 2 small sheets of plywood. In fact, I used the plywood from the pallet. It took a little time moving each piece of plywood but it did the job. Had I anticipated the caster problem I'd have purchased the plywood before delivery. I have new plywood now.

It was raining the day my Lang was delivered so I had it placed in the garage for unpacking. I didn't realize how heavy the Lang 36 was until I tried to roll it down the driveway by myself. It got away from me and damm near ran me over.

Instead of trying to "hump it" on a trailer by hand, I use a come-a-long. A electric winch would work better.    

SD_Smoker wrote:
I called and got the same response.  It won't be leaving my house while I am here but when it is delivered it will have to go across grass to get to my patio area (same for when we move).  I have no idea why the previous owner didn't pour a connection to the patio.

I pray it won't tear of the lawn.

Like Wood River BBQ said, it rolls easy on a flat surface but the metal casters on the front will dig into the dirt. As for rolling it up a ramp, the come-a-long would be a great help if you don't have 2 or 3 people to help push it up the ramp. Rolling it down, the grill can get back heavy on the firebox side and do a wheely on you. Just be aware so it doesn't tip on you.

There is a option to put pneumatic tires in place of the casters. I added them to my 36 hybrid deluxe.

Keep your options open and get the trailer model, I have been asked for gatherings and this year for my company Picnic. Word spreads, Get the deluxe mobile, I am glad I did.

Luckily I started with the Model 60, so portability was not an issue.  I am now looking at going for a patio model, probably the 36" hybrid.  There was one post I saw about a modification somebody made to their patio model that involved welding on a 2" receiver channel so that he could put a trailer hitch on the cooker.  Then he could use either a trailer dolly or a lawn mower or a 4 wheeler with a ball hitch to move it around.
Eddie Z

If you have help you can wheel barrel it across the grass. Other option is to get some plywood and roll it over it.

Well, I should be getting it today but I'm less then happy about the shipping/delivery process.  I get a call saying that my smoker was ready for pickup at a local warehouse when I specifically asked for residential delivery.  To top it off, I had to then request an inside delivery otherwise they would just dump it off at the curb and leave.  They will only even bring it into the garage and then I will have to muscle it across the lawn to the backyard.

For $720, they should have put it back there and started it up for me....ridiculous but learned my lesson on things.

I had the 8" wheels added to replace the 4" casters, and it moves easy.  They install a front axel and put a wagon handle in the front.  Pretty cheap add-on too

Well, it was delivered today a midst all the crazy So Cal fires and it was a pleasant experience.  The driver was really nice and loved to talk smoked meat and chili recipes.  We both worked to get it out of the truck to the lift gate and then up the driveway.

I ended up parking it there and I somehow managed to get it off the pallet and pulled across my yard on the grass by myself....I have no idea how because that thing is HUGE!

So here I am, with a beautiful 48" Patio and I cannot wait to get it seasoned up this weekend!!! Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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