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48" Model

Hello to all fellow smokers,

I am new to the forum and am narrowing down the Lang Model I will be purchasing. I have seen many of you purchased the 36" Stretch but its not advertised on the website. Does Lang offer a 48" Stretch?

Yes, it's called the Lang 60.

glocksrock wrote:
Yes, it's called the Lang 60.

Thanks Glocksrock! I thought I had my decision narrowed down, now I'm wondering if I should go with the 60" Patio. I was asked by my niece to do a 50 Lb pig for her rehearsal dinner in September and I am usually cooking every weekend for family and friends. I have never done a pig so I will be doing a couple practice runs this spring and summer.  I want to make sure I don't second guess the size of smoker I purchase.

Best thing to do is talk to Ben. He will be able to build whatever you need. I talked to him a couple of times before I ordered mine. He can help you decide what is best for you for your needs.  I ordered a 72 in Jan. and will be picking it up in May on my way back from Florida.
I could not decide on a 60 or 84. Knowing the 84 would be too big and was not sure if the 60 would be big enough for my needs when the occasional church or family cook comes for over 100 people.  I decided on getting an 84 cut to the size of the 60. Ben called it a 72.  Perfect for me.  Going to fit perfectly in my small back yard and easy maneuver. knowing I got the extra rack space for a larger cook.
** If you call Ben, best time to call is in the morning around 9-10. **

Good info, thanks Johnnyrebel!

My 48" Patio w/ all pneumatic tires was delivered today. Thanks Sherman for a great delivery and professionalism! The website pictures didn't do this smoker justice! I can't wait to get it seasoned and up and running! Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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