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36 vs 48

I need some help guys. new to forum. i sat in the recent cooking school and it was phenominal. After spending time cooking on them I have ruled out the hybrid and instead going for either a 36 patio deluxe or 48 patio. comparing these two is $500 difference. Im a weekend smoker no competitions or large family to factor in. main reason for 48 is I hunt hogs and have never but would like to smoke a whole small one.  the 36 is plenty and I can cut hogs into quarters but the whole hog is really cool, just not sure $500 cool. does anyone know if they can make the folddown shelf for the nonhybrids. thanks,brian Jax, FL
Eddie Z

My 48" p.d. has the fold down shelf. Just say for it when ordering.


J'ville Grill

Yes they do. I've seen a short video on You Tube of a 36 patio with a fold down shelf being wheeled through a house to the back patio.

Yes they do. I ordered my 36" patio with the folding shelf and a removable stack.
For a family of 4 the 36" for me is ample but if your looking to cook larger pieces or whole hogs you may want to opt for the 48".

One more note the prep shelf is greatly reduced because you no longer have the L shape area, it's reduced to the length of the tube and the door can interfere with what ever is in front of the door.

Being able to place items to the side of the door would make life easier.

I am in the process of making a removable side shelf prep area for mine.
If it works out I'll post more pics in the photo section of the forum. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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