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36 stretch vs 36 hybrid

I've been pricing out some smokers and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/comments on this.

36 patio: $1095
36 patio hybrid: $1395
36 stretch patio: $1895 (same as 48 patio) (not posted, but I called and asked)

The 36 hybrid and the 36 stretch use the same tube and frame, but the hybrid seems like it would have more labor to install the divider, make 2 doors vs 1, make the charcoal grate, etc.

Other than simply supply and demand, is there something I'm missing that would drive up the price of the 36 stretch?

I'd love that 36 stretch with the wagon wheel mod, but I dont think its worth the extra $500.


My other option is to wait 6 months for a 48 from Shirley Fab.

The 36 stretch is as long as a 60 but five inches narrower ,I have one and have never looked back ,worth every dime.

When I got interested in a Lang I started off wanting  a 36 hybrid.But after researching and considering my needs I decided on a 48 deluxe. I had put aside the money for the 48 deluxe when I came across a used 60 deluxe for less than the 48 cost. After getting it I am so glad I got the bigger unit.The gentleman I bought it from sold it because he had moved up to a 84 deluxe. My point is I think a lot of folks buy a Lang or any other smoker,then wish they had gotten a bigger one. So if your pockets are deep enough and space is no problem, consider the bigger unit before you buy. You can't go wrong with a Lang. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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