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Dale L

36 stretch deluxe run-about - a few modifications

I traded my 36 stretch deluxe patio in about a year ago for the run-about version.  A few months later I stopped by Lang and picked up the shelf that is used on the patio version (minus the release arm).  It's several inches deeper than the run-about shelf.  I bolted the new shelf on 5" above the fender height shelf on the run-about.  I also drilled and tapped 1/2" holes at both ends of the door for temp probes (understand those are standard now).  Picked up a folding tool chest shelf and the magnetic paper towel holder from Harbor Freight for additional shelf space.   Used the Harbor Freight trailer spare tire mount for the matching spare purchased for out of Wisconsin.  I mounted this inside the trailer so the tire just sets on the trailer floor to alleviate stress on the expanded metal side screen.  Oh, I also had the trailer bed floor sprayed with Rhino liner when I first got it.  The tech guy at Rhino owns a smoker too.  He did a great job!  Some photo links are below.  Keep cookin' on your langs!
Dale L

Link is now working.

Sorry about that.

Great idea on the paper towel holder, nice job on the shelf as well.  These cookers are great aren't they?
Dale L

Thanks.  These cookers are the best!  I have no complaints.  I'm always grabbing for paper towels.  This way I always have one role within reach.
Wood River BBQ Team

I agree with the others -- nice mods especially the paper towel holder. I'm purchasing one today from Harbor Freight. I don't need the folding shelf. I think I'll just attach it under the front part of my shelf.

The nice thing about this forum is the great ideas guys come up with. Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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