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36” Stretch Deluxe w/firebox upgrade

First & foremost, Lang’s staff has been absolutely wonderful with their customer service! Ben, Sara and everyone else have been great! They were very patient with me and all my questions (my first Lang or reverse flow smoker and I called several times with questions and changes).  

Also, the posts here were very helpful in choosing the correct cooker for my needs. After much research, I finally decided on the 36" stretch. They told me that the 36” stretch is currently one of their most popular models and that it's actually been in production for years now. Explained that it's the perfect size for the home w/space for large cooks, however without the width of bigger cookers that may be out of place for many home patios. They explained it's not on their website yet due to the anticipation of high demand. That was enough to sell me instantly. I changed from the 36” hybrid deluxe to the 36” stretch when I was told this.

Let me say that after all my research, I was pleasantly surprised of the size of the unit when it arrived. Much bigger than I expected! I inspected it thoroughly when it arrived, mostly due to some of the criticisms I’ve read here. However, I must say that I haven’t seen any issues with it. Since I was unable to pick it up personally (had it delivered), I requested for Ben to inspect it personally prior to delivery just to make sure everything met his approval. I received a call before delivery informing me that Ben inspected it and everything was appropriate. That was very impressive to me!

Since the 36” stretch is not on Lang’s website yet, I posted several photos and measurements below to help anyone who may be interested (and so you don’t have to go through the hours of research I did before making my decision). Hope this helps!

Unfortunately, I have to leave town tomorrow and unable to season and use this weekend. But, Labor day weekend will be a blast!!!!
Width:  20” (Barrel only)
           36" (Prep Area Open)
Length: 77”
Bottom racks (3): 18 1/2" x 18" each
Upper Rack:  17" x 47 1/2" (sliding)
WarmerBox: 2 Racks. Roughly 9” x 16” each
Firebox:  18" x 18"

Nice smoker!! Thanks for sharing the details

Thank you for posting. Great pics. Now considering upgrading to the stretch based on your pics. I ordered the 36" Original, but those pictures......WOW

Nice cooker, does that come standard with the drop down front shelf? and what kind of price range do the stretch models run?

When I ordered my stretch (2 weeks ago ) the drop down was optional. The 36" stretch just went up to $1800  but please confirm with Sara.

thanks for the info. will check with them to be sure. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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