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200 or so for lunch

200 pounds of leg / thigh , 106 burgers and 50 pounds of beans!
Ok, so it took more than 1 round in the main chamber of my 84....about 120 pounds fit in for the starting cook - I also grilled on the grill and swapped pcs from smoker to grill to ensure everyone ate at the same time and they had a variety of style of chicken - some liked the rubbed and smoked, some wanted sauced, and some wanted a serious char! I was able to please all who ate!
For a second choice, the customer supplied me with 106 pre-cooked frozen burgers...yuk, which the grill and then smoker made taste pretty darn good!!

2 complaints of under done chicken, which actually was not - it was because of the pink of the smoking! Each one I took and ate in front of said person - showing them there was no concern of illness, but please take one that I had burt!! LOL Razz

that is a full cooker right there!  Quarters are pretty cost effective - and people love em.  We get them for .51 wholesale - our local Food Lion had them over the weekend for .49.  A Screaming deal no matter how you look at it.

the problem I find with quarters is they take up some much real estate on the grill - compared to a big hunk of meat.

I have cooked quarters and thighs in the warmer - but they aren't the same.  They are good, but they don't have that full smoke like they do in the main chamber.  But in a pinch....

Lookin' good - next time throw on a couple butts and see how they like that!

oops, I almost forgot - on those frozen burgers, shake some rub on -- or seasoning salt, etc.  It jazzes them up significantly.  Your smoke and some rub - wow.

BTW - are you cooking over wood or charcoal?  wood works dag gone good in the lang chargriller.

Workout - I get them $.46 every day of the week at the Restaurant Depot! They were requested by customer - I can mark them up to $1.75 as thats what they pay their supplier!
I use both wood and coal in both ends! Royal oak is my favorite lump, even though ""Cedar Grove Charcoal" is made literally a few miles from the house.  I burn a lot of Maple and  Apple, Mix in some oak, Walnut , Hickory and even Ash as it seems to have zero flavor, but good cheap heat!
Dry rub was on everything - chix,burgers, my arms, in my  My home made sauce was coating the grates too, adding to the burger flavor!
I plan on making shoulders for the owners birthday party, as his wife wants to hire me based on my chicken! He had it [ the chicken] for lunch, dinner and breakfast so I was told just before while talking billing with the accounting dept. at yesterdays biz!
I plan on sending a "sample" of shoulder with the final bill!

super!  sounds like you are on your way to a little side line catering business!  

Good goin'!

Now that's a cooker full of finger licking goodness, How many yard birds dose it take, to satisfy your craving? Me about 2 off the smoker! Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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