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141 pound hanging weight in my 84

Good thing I dont have to worry about getting it out for presentation!! Friend told me it was 120 or so LIVE weight - turns out it was 141 HANGING - was a struggle by myself, but got er in - now its just a matter of time!!! [ hungry already ]

we want pics!!!  Razz

Almost done
Smokin Stevie

Time & Temp

What temp did u cook it at ? How long was it for ? I must say it looks GOOD !

15 hours, started a little cooler [ 225 ish for 6 hours ] to get good smoke in it, then warmed up to around 300- no knife required - I pulled every piece apart by hand!!
I had pre-heated smoker to 300 to ensure a good start.

Now that's what I call a beautiful pig right there!! Looks Great! Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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