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104 lb pig on my 60D

My wife's cousin called me and wanted me to cook him a pig for his son's birthday party. I cooked a 104 lb. oinker on my Lang 60 deluxe. I always cook my pigs racing style. Just seems to work perfect on the Lang since there is no need to flip it or turn it and is much better for presentation. I cooked it using all cherry wood for 9 hrs. at 250 degrees. The skin got a little darker than I like, but the pork was juicy and fall off the bone. I cook my pigs until the hams and shoulders are 190 degrees (pulling temp) then I cut a flap of skin and just pull pork from all over the pig and mix it all came out really great...That lang always makes me look good...


Now that's one cool pig, like those shades. Meat looks good too!
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