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Wood River BBQ Team

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Normally, I cook SALMON on my Pit Barrel Cooker ( but Iím about to try it on my Lang.

I only use fresh salmon (frozen tastes fishy) plus a cedar plank and I keep a spray bottle handle for flare ups. The first thing I do is check for bones by bending the fish and running my hand over it. I remove any bones with pliers. I donít remove the skin because it keeps the fish together and keeps it from sticking to the cedar plank but the downside is I canít season the skin side. Next cook Iím going to remove the skin.

I soak the plank for 2 hours. You can use a variety of stuff (wine, beer) but I prefer water/lemon juice. The plank will float so I weight it down with a water glass.

I cut the filet into serving size pieces and marinate with a combination of melted butter, lemon juice and dill (chopped). I make enough so I have extra for a mop. I apply a rub using Weberís Boston Bay Seasoning. I put it in the fridge for 2 hours.

Hereís where Iím not sure with the Lang. Iím planning on a cook temp of 275*. Iíll preheat the smooth side of the plank (food side) for about 15 minutes Ė smooth side down. After 15 minutes Iíll coat the smooth side with olive oil to prevent sticking.  When I place the fish on the plank Iíll add lemons slices and some sprigs of dill or thyme.

I think the cook time will be about 20 to 30 minutes using apple chunks for smoke flavor -- not sure about that? The internal should be 145* or when I can flake the fish with a 2 prong fork. I think the rest time should be 10 minutes.

When I cook salmon on my Pit Barrel Cooker I serve the fish with sautťed spinach, red onions, lemon wedges and caperís. I donít like capers but my wife does.

Any advise that experienced Lang salmon cookers can give me will be appreciated Ė I hate to ruin good product experimenting.

Wood River BBQ Team
Post Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:55 pm†
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