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CharGrill Observations and Questions for You

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Brian Andrews

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I got my hybrid last week, and have only cooked on the chargrill twice so far. Both times, the food was great, but it is going to take me awhile to get used to a new setup. I have been using the same Weber kettle for at least 11 years now, I know exactly how much fuel to use, how to place the fuel, where to set the air dampers, etc so well that I could run it with my eyes closed Smile

I am not there yet on the new grill, and I have a couple thoughts, observations, and then questions for you guys using the CharGrill. I did some searching the forum on the Chargrill, and a lot of the questions were with regard to size of the grill, etc and I couldn’t find the answers to the questions I have, so I figured it was safe to post them.

On my weber, amount of charcoal had the biggest impact on heat at the grate. If I was off a little, I could tweak in things with the air vents. With this grill, I don’t see the lower air dampener doing a whole lot. I am guessing I will have to manage heat through amount of charcoal. So, that is my first question. How do you guys do things? Do you try to use the lower damper for air control? Or are you all about heat control through fuel amount? Do you feather your charcoal (thicker in one area and thin it as it goes to another) to move food around as necessary, etc?

My next question is about cleaning. I have been trying to pull out the plates and leave as much ash on them as possible, and dump them in my fire pit. There is still ash some ash in the bottom. Do you vacuum it up, leave it there, scrap it down into the damper opening, etc? How do you clean yours?

Final question. Does any one try and save charcoal? In my weber, I would shut the top and bottom vents and would end up saving a lot of charcoal. If it had been burned once, I wouldn’t use it again for anything heat critical, but I would mix it in with fresh charcoal to do burgers and dogs and stuff. It seems that the chargrill was not meant for that. When I fully close my damper, there is enough air getting in that all the charcoal burns to ash. Anyone try and figure out a way to save coal? Do you not mess with it, etc?

One of the biggest adjustments for me with this new smoker/chargrill setup is that I would cook with indirect heat and smoke very often on my weber, because it was just a small amount of food for my family. Move the coals to the side, line the center with foil to catch the drippings, add wood to the coals for smoke, and indirect smoke stuff on the grill. For just the family, it worked great for just a single chicken, or whatever, and I only moved to my smoker for larger quantities.  In my mind, I am trying to figure out how to do all that stuff on the chargrill, when the smoker side is the better way to get that done Smile

Still, I am curious about how you guys use your chargrill, and any tips and techniques you have for it.

Thanks in advance,

Post Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:15 pm 
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